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Test%203%20Review - (K b = K w/K a Problem Solve for the pH...

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CHEM 1212 Test 3 Review Strong Acids - HCl, HBr, HI, HClO 4 , HNO 3 and H 2 SO 4 -Solve for pH -Negligible conjugate base Problem: Solve for the [H 3 O + ] and pH of 0.15 M HCl Neutralization Reactions -Acids and Bases reacting -equilibrium leans toward the weaker pair Problem: What’s preferred (products or reactants) if HCN and KOH react? Salts solubility -Have K sp -Concentration of ions -Common ion effect -forming precipitates Problem: 0.1 mol AgCN (K sp = 2.2 * 10 -16 ) what is [Ag + ] and [CN - ]? Solution begins at 0.1 M NaCN, what is [Ag + ] and [CN - ] when AgCN is added? Weak Acids -Have K a -Solve for pH -Solve for % diss. -Has a conjugate base
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Unformatted text preview: (K b = K w /K a ) Problem: Solve for the pH of 0.15 M HCN with K a = 6.2 * 10-10 Salts-Can influence pH by introducing a conjugate base or acid Problem: Solve for the pH of 0.1 M NaCN given the K a (above) Buffers-weak acid with conjugate base-solve for pH-solve for pH if a strong acid or base is added pH = pK a + log(Base/Acid) Problem: Find the pH of 0.15 M HCN and 0.20 M CN-Find the pH of the above solution if 0.05 M HCl is added Lewis Acids and Bases-know definitions-Lewis acid accepts e--Lewis base donates e-Problem: What is H + ? Is CN-a Lewis Acid or Base?...
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