Quiz#1WHistChptr14(1112-200 Chpte 14

Quiz#1WHistChptr14(1112-200 Chpte 14 - __F__ 10. The Silk...

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Quiz#1 WHist Chptr 14 (1112-200 Spring 2010) Name______________________ True/False each is worth (1) point Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. __F__ 1. Portugal called itself the Celestial Kingdom. __F__ 2. Spain was the first European Country to begin the overseas spice trade with East Asia. __T_ 3. In Southeast Asia bride wealth remained in the control of the wife in marriage. __T__ 4. Malacca was the center of the Spice Trade in the Indian Ocean and controlled by Muslims. __F__ 5. The Ming Dynasty ordered the development of a tremendous army to fight off the Mongols. __T__ 6. India's wealth depended on agriculture while Malacca and other cities in SE Asia relied on trade __F_ 7. The Seljuk Turks conquered Constantinople and ended the Eastern Roman Empire. __T__ 8. Political centralization caused the Atlantic facing countries of Europe to seek out colonies in the 15th Century. __F__ 9. The French were the first to reach the West African coast and establish trading posts.
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Unformatted text preview: __F__ 10. The Silk Road caravan route was established in the 16th Century to aid exploration. Matching a. Cristobol Colon b. Vasco de Gama c. caravel d. Marco Polo e. Hernan Cortes f. Tenochtitlan g. Quipu h. Francisco Pissarro i. Bartolomo Las Casas j. Rites Controversy __E__ 11. Conquistador who conquered the Mexica (Aztecs) __G__12. way in which the Inca recorded messages __B__ 13. Portuguese explorer who reached the Spice Islands and India. __I__ 14. Franciscan priest who wrote about the mistreatment of Indians in New Spain __J__ 15. dispute between Jesuits and Franciscans in Japan over church ritual __A__16. Genoese sailor who convinced Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to fund him __H__17. Conquistador who conquered the Inca __D__18. Italian merchant who lived in China and wrote about his experiences __F__ 19. capital city of the Mexica __C__ 20. Portuguese design to ride on rough water and the great oceans...
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Quiz#1WHistChptr14(1112-200 Chpte 14 - __F__ 10. The Silk...

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