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Test #3 Chpt 25 WH 1112-200 Spring 2010

Test #3 Chpt 25 WH 1112-200 Spring 2010 - Test#3-200 Spring...

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Test#3 Chptr 25 1112-200 Spring 2010 Name____________________________ True/False: each worth (4)points total 20 points. Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. __T__ 1. Hitler looked up to Mussolini until the outbreak of W.W. II when Hitler eclipsed Mussolini as the most powerful leader of fascism. __F__ 2. World War II began as the result of Hitler's invasion of France in 1939 to avenge the W.W.I. failure to reach Par- is. __T__ 3. Hitler, after leaving 9 months in prison, resolved to obtain power by legal means not revolution. __T_ 4. The Enabling Act of 1933 gave Hitler virtual dictatorial powers in that he could suspend laws and rule by decree. __T__ 5. Appeasement was the diplomatic approach used by Britain to keep Hitler calm and eliminate his land grabbing tendencies. Completion Each is worth (1) point total 5 points Complete each sentence or statement. 6. The incident that brought the United States into the war was_ attack of the Japanese on Pearl Harbor 1941 and the U.S. navy fleet _.
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