Hist Essay #1 - The Columbian Exchange: the best and worst...

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The Columbian Exchange: the best and worst of globalization. History 1112 – 200 January 20, 2010 Juan D. Torres Mr. Allan R. Jones Even though very important exchanges processes have occurred throughout world’s history, the Columbian Exchange was, without doubt, the most important exchange process of history. This bilateral exchange between Europe and the Americas reached the point of creating multiple new cultures and transforming the existing ones. In Europe, the most influential settlers were the British, the Spanish
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and the French. These three countries were driven to the New World by three basic reasons: the desire to spread religion, the desire to expand the territory and achieve glory, and the desire for wealth. The arrival of the Europeans to a continent, unknown at those times, placed together two different worlds, with histories, cultures and traditions totally different from each other. Many things changed in Europe and America because of the Columbian exchange. The Europeans brought to America their languages, religion, traditions and their plants and animals which changed the New World’s existence forever. For example, in America, there were no horses, cattle, sheep, or goats, all of these animals were brought by the Europeans. Moreover, the most important consequence of the European arrival to America was the genocide caused, not only by wars, but also by the diseases brought by the old world which almost killed the entire population of Native Americans. Although the Native Americans were the ones who suffered most the impact
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Hist Essay #1 - The Columbian Exchange: the best and worst...

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