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Extra Credit Paper Juan Torres

Extra Credit Paper Juan Torres - Juan Torres Extra Credit...

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Juan Torres Extra Credit Paper On February 11 th I assisted to a conference about peace building on the Dunwoody Methodist church. On that conference, the speaker focused on developing all the main concepts peace building implies. The first concept the speaker explained was why peace building is needed in the world; the second concept the speaker developed was a study of the United States national causes to implement military actions; additionally, the third concept developed by the speaker was the study if peace building is an ideas that time has come. Moreover, the speaker explained the levels of intervention such as monitoring, traditional peace giving mission, transformational peace giving mission, and peace enforcement mission. After explaining the levels of intervention, the speaker explained how the United Nations peace building commission works and how it is organized. In addition, the speaker gave some examples where peace building has been successful such as Kenya, Burundi or Mozambique, and where peace building has failed like in Rwanda, Bosnia or Congo. Moreover, the
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