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1. The show I watched was msnbc January 29 th Hardball with Chris Matthews. Host Chris Matthews invited two political analysts, Michelle Bernard from msnbc and Anne Kornblut from The Washington post. 2. The journalist analyzed Obama’s visit to the republican hind way. During the entire show three main ideas were analyzed by the journalist and its guests. The first idea the journalist and his guests analyzed was Obama’s message to both parties to stop blaming each other, and work together to make things easy. The second idea analyzed in this show was Obama’s defense against the Republican Party accusation of the monthly deficit. Finally, they analyzed what Obama said to Frank LINTZ about the operational tactics the American politician use to make look bad to its opponent. 3. Hardball with Chris Matthews is not a good political show. I definitely won’t recommend it to any of my fellow classmates. This show doesn’t do a good political analysis of the things. Chris Matthews just sits on his chair and interrupts his guests, denying them the possibility to
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