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TV Series: "CSI: Miami" 28 April 2003 (Season 1, Episode 21) It is Spring break time in South beach. Miami is full of students looking for fun without minding the rules much and without mending the law at all. After a huge beach pool party, two students woke up (they were totally drunk after they woke up) and found a girl's corps with a broken neck. The girl was Tiffany Heitzenrader (19, fake ID Rachel Moon), who was raped posthumously; her friend Carson Mackie, CEO of a sex video production firm with a rape record, is the obvious suspect but he only confesses to the necrophilia part of the crime. In other part of the city, Trey Hanson (19, registered drug user) was found in swim-shorts on the bottom of a hotel pool. Not sank but covered in bruises from bad beatings, most from previous dates, the last may have predated and caused his fatal aneurysm. Three of his friends said that his THC level resulted from a dare who could inhale longest, and then they drove from the roof with him during the party. A third case was found; Amy Gorman escaped an attempted rape. She has bite
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