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Political Campaigns 2008 Dem ad  “Proud of that commercial” and Rep ad “Clebrity” Democrat Barack Obama’s campaign ad “Proud of that commercial”  http://www.livingroomcandidate.org/commercials/2008 1. I will definitely categorize this ad as negative. This ad clearly used John McCain’s words and image against John McCain’s campaign in order to show people they couldn’t believe on him, especially, because he wasn’t a congruent candidate. 2. Obama’s campaign focused on what John McCain said about an ad that was criticizing Obama. This ad repeated three times “I’m proud of that commercial” in order to emphasize the message. Also, the conversational and relaxed style language and tone used on this ad affected McCain because it was him the one who said what Obama’s campaign was criticizing. 3. In my opinion, this ad was very effective. The fact that this ad used John McCain’s words saying that he was proud of that mudslinging ad even though he previously said he wasn’t going to use that type of technique on his campaign is what made the ad very persuasive against McCain. In addition, other essentials that incremented the effectiveness of this ad were that the woman who questioned McCain was a common person and that she was in McCain’s Town Hall. 4. Both campaigns’ ads show a very American tendency to do propaganda or commercial campaigns. I was shocked when I moved here and saw how different products, companies or ideologies criticize and attack their competitors directly. In fact, advertising products directly
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Pols Trip 6 -...

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