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General Information about the case Kucana vs.Holder Author: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Date Granted: 04/27/2009 Oral Argument: Tue, 11/10/2009 Date Decided: 01/20/2010 Appealed From: United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Vote: 9-0 Brief summary of the case: Agron Kucana, a native of Albania, came to the United States in July 1995 on a business visa. He applied for political asylum because of his political involvement in his native country but when he did not appear at the hearing in the fall of 1997, he was ordered removed in absentia. He filed a motion to reopen, contending that he had overslept. An immigration judge denied that motion, and in 2002 the Board of Immigration Appeals affirmed. Kucana did not seek judicial review or leave the country. In 2006, he filed a motion to reopen the case, contending that conditions in Albania had deteriorated and he faced physical violence if he returned. What this case set out is that the Supreme Court will ensure that immigrants that are going to
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