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Juan Torres ENGL 1102 Sep 22, 2009 Class report Class day of September 17 we made a small discussion on the essays written by each person in the group. Dominique Winston based her essay on Henrik Ibsen's play, A doll house. On her essay she wanted to express how Nora, the protagonist, realized that a good marriage should be based on self-actualization, true intimacy, and honesty. What I told her that I liked about her essay was the way she supports her arguments, the central idea of her essay, and her conclusion paragraph. The way she supports her argument is really good because every time she wants to make an argument she introduces a quote, and then she analyses it. This pattern makes really easy to follow and understand her ideas. Moreover, I told her that I liked her central idea because it was clear and understandable through the whole essay. The central idea was stated in the first
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