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Computer Literacy BASICS: A Comprehensive Guide to IC 3 , 3 rd Edition Lesson 4: Computer Maintenance Our latest online feature, CourseCasts, is a library of weekly podcasts designed to keep your students up to date with the latest in technology news. Go to http://coursecasts.course.com , where you can download the most recent CourseCast onto your mp3 players. The coursecasts covers the latest in technology and sorts through and aggregates the most pertinent news and information for CourseCasts . Lesson Objectives Lesson Objectives You will have mastered the material in Lesson 4 when you can: Identify problems that can occur if hardware is not properly maintained. Identify routine maintenance that can be performed by users. Identify maintenance that should be performed by experienced professionals. Data Files You will not need data files to complete this lesson. Mod1-68: Introduction Mod1-68: Introduction Computing can be risky if equipment is not properly maintained, but there are measures that can be taken to minimize those risks. The type of maintenance required determines whether a professional, or you as the computer user, should perform the maintenance tasks. ACTIVITIES 1. Quick Quiz: 1) What determines whether a professional or the computer user should perform a maintenance task? Answer: It is determined by the type of maintenance to be performed. 2. Discussion Question: 1) Do you currently perform any regular computer maintenance? If so, what tasks? Mod1-68: Maintenance Issues Mod1-68: Maintenance Issues A computer is no different from a car: it requires regular maintenance. Managing computer cables is an overlooked problem. Cable management kits are available to organize and protect cables. ACTIVITIES 1. Quick Quiz: 1) How is maintaining a car similar to maintaining a computer?
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Answer: You need to complete preventative tasks on a regular schedule in order for it to run smoothly. Research cable management kits and individual cable management products online. Choose at least three similar products from different companies and compare the features and prices. Which one would you recommend for your home or classroom? Why? Mod1-69: Hardware Maintenance One of the best ways to cut down on computer repair is through preventative maintenance performed on a regular schedule. As a general rule, you should clean a computer every 3–6 months. In a dusty environment, you should clean it more often. Keyboard and Mouse Use a can of compressed air to remove dust from the keyboard. Turn keyboard upside down if you spill liquid. Clean mouse rollers by removing the cover, removing debris inside, and then reassembling the
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L4_Lecture_Notes - Computer Literacy BASICS A Comprehensive...

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