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Shadia Williams EGR 125 Chapter 2 Project 01/16/2010 Biometric Technology is the use of vital statistics to determine identity. It can be broken up into two parts: behavioral and Physical. Behavioral includes pretty much anything that evolves over time. Some examples of behavioral biometric technology are speaker recognition, signature, and key stroke (time spacing of typed words.) Physical aspects of biometric technology include DNA, retinal/iris scan, finger printing, facial recognition, vascular patterns, and hand geometry. Although this technology can be
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Unformatted text preview: helpful, in that it is a new form of identification, may open up a new job industry, and may be harder to scam; you have to consider the negative side of biometric technology. The technology may make some mistakes and falsely identify people, it will be hard to catalog everyone, and there is a question of ethics. This technology may just be a little too close and personal, invading the privacy of people. I believe that while it could be partially beneficial to our nation, the cons out way the pros. Someone has to draw the line of privacy somewhere....
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