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About_the_Printed_Circuit - Printing the mask pattern 1 Why...

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About the Printed Circuit 1. A printed circuit board is also called a PWB. What does PWB stand for? Printed wiring board 2. In the industrial business, the ___through-hole_______________ is used to link the wiring of both board sides. Cut the board 1. What two things determine what size to cut the PCB? Size of circuit to make, and the equipment to be used
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Unformatted text preview: Printing the mask pattern 1. Why is the mask pattern used? Prevent the copper in the wiring part of PCB dissolves in etchant 2. How long is the development time? 3minutes Making of the mask pattern for the Double sided 1. What software does the author use to draw the pattern for the printed board? Visio...
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