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Communications 101-9:12 - lead to brainwashing Aka jim...

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Communications 101 09-12-11 -Systematic process for generating knowledge about the world. -Acquiring knowledge -Key values of science -Goals of science -Observation - 2 Heads are better than one? Explaining why: Intuition- Common sense way of thinking -Anecdotes: Based on real life, stereotypes, superstitions, biases/ distortions, and illusionary correlation -Authority: common way of thinking - Credible, Trustworthy, people are more persuasive requires little thought, can
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Unformatted text preview: lead to brainwashing. Aka jim jones. -Scholarly Research-Question Oriented-Methodological-Replicable -Regardless of method used, researchers: 1. Frame a research question-Define concepts both conceptually and operationally 2. Choose a method 3.Collect data-Example:-Fall prey to idols of cave and theatre-Stereotype threat-Acting consistently with a common stereotype...
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