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Organization and Transitions By: Group 4 Organization: 1. Identify the type of organizational method chosen in the essay below. Chronological, Flashback, or Crisis? Why did you pick the method that you chose? Ex: I was generally a good kindergartener. I took naps when we had to take naps; I listened to the teacher, and played nice with the other kids. I had never really gotten into trouble before, until this one day. We were reading the Clifford series and were learning all about dogs. My teacher, Ms. Kelly, had brought in a big tin can filled with dog treats. The dog treats were all different colors, and everyone in the class got a handful of them to count up. We all counted up the different colors, and once we finished we were allowed to go to recess. Ms. Kelly went around the room and collected back all of the dog treats, and all of my classmates ran to the door. I was on my way outside, when one of my friends told me to follow him.
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