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Assignment 1

Assignment 1 - Jenna Horwich English 150 In Class...

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Jenna Horwich English 150 08/26/09 In- Class Assignment #1 Throughout my life I have always been one to love to talk. Reading and writing has never been my forte. Therefore, I cannot remember when I first learned to read, or write, but I do remember the first time I had to give a presentation in front of a class. Fifth grade, Miss. Flynn’s class to be exact. We had an assignment to write a song for D.A.R.E (the say no to drugs program). I loved the assignment and remember being so excited to share my song with my class. When the day came for me to get up in front of my fellow classmates, I remember my friends ducking down to not be called on to present first. I ducked down too to follow my friends, but I secretly was more excited than ever to be called on. This is when I realized that I didn’t mind talking in front of people, in fact I enjoyed the rush that it gave me. As years passed, expressing myself orally became more important in my life. Interviews became frequent in my life, and one in particular was very
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