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Assignment 5 - Horwich 1 Jenna Horwich Prof Tanner English 250 Funding Differences in Illinois Illinois state law does not allow students to

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Horwich 1 Jenna Horwich 4/15/10 Prof. Tanner English 250 Funding Differences in Illinois “Illinois state law does not allow students to transfer at will to a school in a district where they do not reside”(Linda Yonke, New Trier Highschool Superintendent). This state law was protested on September 7, 2008 when 3,000 inner city students from Chicago Illinois were bused to a suburban Illinois highschool; New Trier. Reverend Meeks led these students. His plan was to make a statement by having these students enroll at New Trier. The problem that Meeks was attempting to solve was the difference in school funding. Inner City schools receive 10,000/ student of funding, while suburban schools like New Trier receive around 18,000/student. Funding in Illinois is provided through property taxes, obviously this huge difference in numbers needs to change, but Meeks’s protest did not help solve this issue. Because funding has been through property taxes for a long time now, that is going to be harder to change. By adding more public housing to the suburbs and opening up more opportunities for a variety of people to live in the suburban area this will help balance the argument of non-equal educations between the city and suburban schools, as well as put a stop to this negative continuing cycle. The funding difference between highschools cause severe education differences. The statistics of students graduating from college in their future is an alarming number.
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Horwich 2 “Ninety of every 100 Chicago Public School students that attend college will not graduate. Nationally, 80.6 percent of white public high school students graduate, compared to 61.8 percent of Native Americans, 61.4 percent of Latinos, and 59.1 percent of African Americans”( Heather Benno). These statistics are caused by many different components; the main one being the difference in funding. Students are not as well prepared in highschools in the inner city because they cannot afford to supply students with materials as simple as the latest textbooks. This issue needed to be heard and that is exactly what Illinois State Senate Rep. Reverend Meeks did. Reverend Meeks has been a rep. since 2003, and has been a pastor of Salem Baptist church since 1985. Meeks lead the boycott of CPS school systems in 2008. His plan was to have around 3,000 Chicago students skip they’re first day of school and be bused to suburban highschool New Trier to enroll. "As African Americans and Hispanics, we're asking all parents of Chicago Public School students to not send their children to school on the first day. .. join us to board buses and enroll your child in the wealthy, well-funded Winnetka school district," Meeks said. Meeks chose this specific highschool because of its well known status of students receiving a great education and also because it resided in the wealthy neighborhood of Winnetka causing this highschool to receive high funding. “New Trier High School often ranks among the
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Assignment 5 - Horwich 1 Jenna Horwich Prof Tanner English 250 Funding Differences in Illinois Illinois state law does not allow students to

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