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Horwich Jenna Horwich English 250 Ms. Tanner 2/16/10 Becoming One with Detroit “Detroit, City of Hope” written by Grace Lee Boggs published February 17, 2009, is an article with a refreshing new look for the future of Detroit . Boggs believes that this once thriving city can rise again . Boggs’s article appeals to an audience of people who are at least of the high school level, and to people who have both some knowledge of Detroit and no knowledge of this fallen city . Boggs uses directness , optimism , personal experience, historical facts, recent accomplishments of the city, and future necessities to make a strong article . Because of these components, Boggs’s establishes herself strong ethos and a convincing hopeful article . To begin her article Boggs states a very strong opinion; “Detroit is a city of Hope rather than a city of Despair”(Boggs). This direct and to the point statement draws in readers because it is a strong new look on Detroit . Many people have lost their hope in this once thriving city , and to hear such a bold statement as the beginning of an article presents major curiosity . Even if the reader has no knowledge of Detroit, the statement
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Horwich presents both sides of the argument; using “hope” as well as despair” , by presenting this information it gives allows for the reader to know the background information right off the bat . This statement can also draw in both people who agree , as well as the others who disagree , because presents curiosity to find out Boggs’s reasoning for her belief .
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Detroit - Horwich Jenna Horwich English 250 Ms. Tanner...

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