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sailer kiss Assignment 4

sailer kiss Assignment 4 - Jenna Horwich English 250 Tanner...

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Jenna Horwich English 250 Tanner FS 3/25/10 Sailor and Girl Kissing in Time Square by: Alfred Eisenstaedt A kiss. Alfred Eisenstaedt took one of the most world-recognized photographs of a kiss. A kiss is a common occurrence throughout the world . Whether it is a cultural greeting kiss, the first kiss shared between newlyweds, or a simple kiss goodnight from a parent; the “kiss” is a familiar occurrence . If a kiss is such an ordinary action why does this photograph stop people in they’re tracks? Why is it so well known? The choices Eisenstaedt made when taking this picture causes an emotional response in the viewer. This subjects in this picture were not placed in the positions the viewer sees them in… Instead it is Eisenstaedt’s placement of his camera angle along with the specific setting that make for this photograph to stand out from the norm. A full uniformed sailor passionately puts his arms around a woman in all white . He sways her down in the middle of the street with a kiss. The setting of this picture is a key component to its fame. After your eye see’s the sailor it is immediately drawn to the background scene. Located in the center of what is a busy street, the lines of people surrounding the two kissing not only draw your eye to the center of the photograph, but
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also to the back of the picture; the buildings . You then realize that this is located in the center of Times Square. This Passionate picture was taken in Times Square on V-J Day (victory over Japan day) August 14, 1945 . There look to be hundreds of people in the street, yet the focus of this shot is the two kissing .
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sailer kiss Assignment 4 - Jenna Horwich English 250 Tanner...

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