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Jenna Horwich Philosophy 2/22/11 Does God Exist God. Do I believe in “god”? When I think about god, I cannot picture a certain person or figure. When I wish, hope or plead for something I do not pray to “god”. In my mind I am asking the higher power that I believe exists. People may say that that is “god’s” definition; a higher power. But when I hear god my head wonders to the air, the wind, and the trees. I believe that there is a higher power that exists upon nature. The word god presents a fear in people that I believe shouldn’t be. As we discussed in class teleological suspension of ethical causes people to ignore they’re own beliefs in order to try to achieve what they think is gods plan; they’re attempt of fulfilling perfection (aka. Telos). This fear, or sense of selling yourself out for god is bogus in my mind. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in god, but just that I believe god, this higher powers purpose is not there to mold you
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