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Pure, passionate, determined, enthusiastic…that is Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall is a woman who ever since birth has had a passion for wildlife. Her vibrant personality allowed for doors of opportunity to open for her. It all began when she was twenty-two and her family friend invited her to they’re new farm in Kenya. In 1957 Jane was able to afford a ticket and venture into this unknown land. She met Louis S. B. Leakey who is a famed archaeologist and paleontologist. He hired her as his assistant and then gave her a project of her own. Jane was asked to take on the study of a group of wild chimpanzees living on a lakeshore in Tanzania. At this time in her life she had no idea what this assignment would lead to, and in fact the beginning of her journey was very frustrating. When she arrived in Gombe she soon learned that these chimpanzees were shy creatures…they dispersed immediately whenever she became in sight to attempt to observe they’re behaviors. This is where Jane differed from many others.
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