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nuclear fuel cycle

nuclear fuel cycle - Jenna Horwich The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Q...

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Jenna Horwich 10/12/10 The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Q: Reprocessing is the chemical operation which separates useful fuel for recycling from nuclear waste, this is important for countries because this operation is easily disguised. A reprocessing plant can be created in any regular looking home. Q: The process of making nuclear weapons is difficult for developing states because of the steps necessary in mining and extracting the uranium. Yes, Uranium occurs naturally all around the world, but only a small fraction is found in concentrated ores. Nuclear fission is when atoms of uranium are split in a chain reaction and energy is released. This process needs to be carefully controlled and happens very slowly. Q: Some problems in the delivery system of nuclear weapons are the difficulty in regulation. To regulate the process in a fissile reactor, control rods are inserted into the reactor chamber. The rods are made of cadmium that absorbs neutrons inside.
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