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Listening with your eyes - Jenna Horwich Listening 110...

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Jenna Horwich Listening 110 Extra Credit 11/30/11 Listen With Your Eyes I believe that a picture truly does mean a thousand words. Depending on when you look at a photograph you may view it differently the next time around. The same image can tell a million different stories depending on whose mind is evaluating it. For this assignment, I held my own experiment. I chose two photographs that I have taken and wrote down my own thoughts about each one. I then took the same pictures and had five others tell me they’re initial thoughts when I showed them the images. The results were extremely intriguing. Not only did every one have different views of the photos, but also the men versus the woman seemed to define itself. The pictures that I chose for this experiment were chosen for a reason. The first photo has several subjects scattered about. In my mind there was a main focus when I snapped the shot, but it is not extremely obvious in the picture. I was very interested to see how others would perceive this.
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The second picture that I chose to add in had more of a single focus. It was pretty clear what the subject was, but depending on how intensely you look at the picture there really is a lot to unfold. I wanted to know who- if anyone would be able to catch the subtle, yet beautiful secrets this held.
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Listening with your eyes - Jenna Horwich Listening 110...

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