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Jenna Horwich Persuasion327 11-08-11 Monkey See, Monkey Do -The Washington Post, 416 words -Violence leads to more violence -Torture needs to be outlawed As children we are all taught the basic “rights and wrongs” and over time our mind becomes accustomed to these principles. However, over the years as we grow into adults, these basic “rules” become compromised to the manipulation of the media, peers, and real life experiences. Torture of others is one of these lost rules. The use of violent techniques has become accepted in the general eye for what reason? Hurting others is something we were taught not to do from the first interaction with a fellow human. The use of torture dehumanizes others and is an action that contradicts basic human morals, which therefore must come to an end. Elsa K. Weber of Purdue University who analyzes children in given situations stated, “Most people agree that it is not acceptable to just go off and hit someone. It is not okay to take or destroy something that belongs to someone else.” If this is a common
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