Case Study – EDSP 485

Case Study – EDSP 485 - Case Study EDSP 485...

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Case Study – EDSP 485 Kaitlin McCann March 5, 2011 Student: Sara L. Date of Birth: 2/5/02 Age: 9 years, 1 month Date of Report: 3/5/2011 Grade: 4 Examiner: Kaitlin McCann Reason for Referral : Sara was referred for an annual observation to re-evaluate IEP goals and objectives. Background Information : Sara is a nine-year old girl who is in fourth grade at a rural Elementary School in Southeast Ohio. This elementary school is one where hard work, independence, and individuality is valued and recognized. Students art work and school accomplishments line the hallways for all students, faculty, parents, and visitors to appreciate. Sara has attended East since kindergarten. Prior to going to this particular elementary school she attended headstart. She lives at home with her parents and younger sister. There is no history of learning difficulties in the family. Sara is very hard working and enjoys learning. When in her general education fourth grade class she gets along with her peers and works well to get the task done when given supports. Sara’s strongest area is reading fluency however needs some improvement on comprehension. Mathematics was identified as a weakness in second grade and has continued to be a problem area for Jill in third and fourth grade. She continues to work on this both in and out of the classroom and has shown great improvement within the past year. Recently, Sara has also received tubes in her ears that have helped her greatly academically and is in the process of getting ankle supports to help her with her mobility and movement. Sara has received academic support from numerous sources. She has had tutoring from Ohio University students and other teachers during the school year and in the summer. Her parents are both teachers and are very committed to helping her succeed in school. Sara enjoys learning through online programs and literacy websites. She also loves listening to books on tape, which has served as great phonemic and oral language practice. . Sara is liked by her teachers and described as friendly, kind, and a pleasure to be around. Her peers love to work with her and vice versa. She gets along with all of the kids at school both in the classroom and out at lunch. Sara stated she has friends at school and that they also come to her house to play. She reported that her favorite subject in school is
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reading and she loves when she gets time to go to the reading corner. Outside of school, Sara likes to ride her bike, watch movies, and play with her sister. Sara has down syndrome. Her teachers have found that she has a hard time focusing during longer
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Case Study – EDSP 485 - Case Study EDSP 485...

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