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EDSP 485 Study Guide - -1 to 1 Reliability measuring test...

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EDSP 485 Study Guide- Ch. 3 [1/5/11] 1. Professional standards in assessment (slide 2 ppt-ch. 6) 2. Laws- 3 types of bias ( racial/cultural, language, basis of the disability) 3. Terms- nominal- ordinal- interval- ratio- mode- mean- median- range- correlation- standard deviation 4. Norm vs. criterion referred 5. Reliability 6. Validity 7. Standard error measure 8. Age/grade equivalence 9. Percentiles 10. Standard scores 11. Raw scores 12. Normal curve Nominal = category ex. Hair color, where you are from Ordinal = order ex. Best to worst writer Interval = quiz scores (doesn’t go down to zero- may get a 0 on quiz, but doesn’t mean that they don’t know anything on that particular topic-just that particular given set) Ratio = can actually have a zero ex. Height or weight Central tendency = ex. Mode, mean, median mode- most frequent mean- avg. median- least to most, then find middle # Variability= how spread out are things Correlation- how connected things are ex. Height and weight , SAT score to GPA(
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Unformatted text preview: -1 to 1 ) Reliability- measuring test against itself; consistency from one examination to the next Validity- content validity is the extent to which test relates to needed content of interest. Test does what it says it does Informal measures- frequency counts and % are internal data Criterion-ref. tests yield nominal data Rating scales provide ordinal data Norm-referenced test scores- age and grade equivalent are ordinal % rank scores standard score used to set mean and standard deviation 70,85,52,85,90,64,34 Mean- 67 (add up and divide by # of numbers) Median-70 Mode- 85 Range-56 Ch. 4 (Part 1) Basal- where you start testing: students must get 3 in a row (work backwards)-give credit for questions initially answered correctly, once answer is wrong we do not retest. Ceiling- when you stop ( 4 misses IN A ROW ) Chronological Age: YEAR MONTH DAY Todays date: 2011 1 1 D.O.B: 2002 1 3 = 9 0 2...
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EDSP 485 Study Guide - -1 to 1 Reliability measuring test...

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