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daily16 - cases most notably those that challenged prayers...

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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 Mon Daily # 16 The issues regarding “Religious Oppression” discussed in this readings bring to mind a big issue that I don’t generally think about right away when thinking about discrimination we will encounter as teachers. Race or gender discrimination seem to be big in the classroom, but we must think how these religious issues will have a great affect in our classrooms and on our students. Growing up, until seventh grade, I attended a Catholic private school, so it was normal to say a prayer every day during morning announcements or before and after each of our athletic games, but this has become a big issue in public schools, such as saying the pledge of allegiance where God is mentioned. The author states, “The greatest controversy has revolved around the Bible reading and prayer in the public schools and whether such activities represent a tactic establishment or favoring of a particular religious tradition. In local communities there have been other
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Unformatted text preview: cases, most notably those that challenged prayers at athletic events, such as those included in pregame ceremonies at football games or commencement exercises”(238). Often times, I think our country as a whole uses Catholicism and other common religions and ties them into everyday activities such as these because it is what we are use to. My question to the class is, do you think that there is to much of a connection between the church and the government, along with other establishments such as educational relations. An example that comes to mind besides those previously listed is marriage laws and other issues that include both religious beliefs along with governmental beliefs. I think in todays society it is a large pressing issue that almost flies under the radar and is not seen as a huge problem although it may feel that way to some who do not identify with that particular religion or any at all....
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  • public schools, particular religious tradition, Kaitlin McCann, Catholic Private School, large pressing issue

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daily16 - cases most notably those that challenged prayers...

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