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edcs2 - to myself “ its scary how if you are not the...

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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 TTH DA #2 After reading through chapters 1-4 of section 1, the quotation or line that stood out to me most was in the very beginning of the reading. This part of the reading in particular talked about how there is blatantly a “dominant” group in our society that is seen as the social norm for society followed by the statement, “In a situation of unequal power, a subordinate group has to focus on survival”. The question that immediately came to mind when I read this, is when, if ever, do you think that society will no longer have a dominant group and all will truly be equal- or at least one will not have to focus on survival and just focus on living a happy life? This question interested me not for any specific reason, but as soon as I read it I thought
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Unformatted text preview: to myself “ its scary how if you are not the dominant group (which most of us are not) why should you have to constantly be living in fear and focusing only on surviving and making it to the next day. We always talk about how America is land of the free and brag how we have so much independence and freedom, but when truly thinking about it how much freedom do we really have? I am a while female and yes, I may face discrimination but I think of other races and truly wonder how they feel about living in a society where freedom is a priority yet they may still be like they are treated unfairly and may live everyday just to survive....
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