edcs 11 - standing traditions are what in turn put such a...

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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 M CQ Daily #11 In the section regarding sexism, many thoughts arise about the constant need to always meet the social standard that is expected of us regarding our gender. Growing up with two brother, I loved sports and refused to shop anywhere but the boy’s clothing department; thankfully I had parents who did not need to follow gender roles and expectations. Reading about how parents team up with societal expectations by piercing their newborn baby girls earns, or painting their new sons room all blue as soon as they know they are having a boy makes it easy to see how easily we are impacted as we continue to grow. The author discusses how, “ Men do not cry, women should always look beautiful (for men), men never ask for directions, women are “natural” caretakers, men are tough, women are emotional, men are studs, women are domestic, and so on” (316). The expectations that we are essentially born with thanks to our media and long
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Unformatted text preview: standing traditions are what in turn put such a large emphasis on the three characteristics of gender roles; sexism, heterosexism, and transgender oppression. This is what makes our society so judgmental the second that a person does not meet these social norms and “expectations”. My question that I gathered from this reading is, what do you think is the biggest reason that people do not except individuals that identify with the LGBT community, whether it be religious reason, social reasons, etc., and what do you think will make the biggest impact on changes these thoughts. I have thought a lot about this because it is extremely hard for me to grasp this issue and understand why people feel such hate before even knowing someone. I am not naive to the fact that a lot of society make judgments based off of social norms, I just personally have a hard time when it comes to equality with these issues....
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edcs 11 - standing traditions are what in turn put such a...

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