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edcs3 - people in out community to the goal of equity and...

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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 TTH DA #3 Throughout the readings of Section 1 chapters 5-7, there were many parts and quotes that stuck out to me, some of my favorites are as followed: the first discusses oppression and how once they study the topic, begin to recognize how different all human beings are. The author states “ the obvious first leap that people make is the assumption that if we just began to appreciate differences, and treat each other with respect, than everything would be alright, and there would be no oppression”(45). This thought is represented famously when Rodney King s stated, “Why cant we all just get along” after being beat by police officers. Instead, we are born into specific social identities and it is harder to get out of than we may think. Another quote that stuck out to me was when the author was discussion the core of the cycle of liberation. He states, “Liberation is the practice of love…liberation is commitment to the effort of critical transformation to the
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Unformatted text preview: people in out community, to the goal of equity and justice, and to love” (58). This quote goes on for about half a page and states many beautiful reason of what liberation and equality truly represent. I think that the main ideas and themes of this particular set of reading are the different faces of oppression, how we deal with them, and how we can avoid them. I think the main theme overall is that there will always be oppression and discrimination if we cannot make a change. Yes, we are born into specific environments with different beliefs, but until all of us can make a change there will be none. I really enjoyed reading these sections and think there is a lot to learn from the authors thoughts and writings. I thought the cycle of socialization and cycle of liberation were very interesting and the format allows for both understanding and critical thinking....
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