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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 TTH DA4 A quote that I really though a lot about after reading 8-14 had to do with how we define racism. The author states, “ Sometimes the assumptions we make about others come not from what we have been told or what we have seen on television or in books, but rather from what we have not been told” (66). A question that I would have for the class would be where, if ever, have you seen racism occur in your own experiences? It seems like something that we would like to think still does not occur, but I think that it does more than we realize. I chose this particular quote because I thought it was
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Unformatted text preview: extremely interesting to learn that we gain a lot of our insight and ways of thinking about others starting in preschool. The quote speaks for itself and really makes you think. When you think of racism you do think of what you have learned and experiences and I have never thought about what I haven’t heard and the positives or different groups or cultures besides my own. This shows how essential it is to teach students and kids in general all of the great aspects all cultures have to offer and how everyone if different and has their own great characteristics....
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