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edcs5 - or religion For example on the train ride the...

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Kaitlin McCann EDCS 301 M DA5 I found this writing to be very gripping and easy to read. This first quote that really caught my attention came at the end of chapter 20, stating, “what a world it would be if we could all wake up and see all of ourselves reflected in the world, not merely in a territorial sense but with a kind of nonexclusive entitlement that grants not so much possession as investment (121)”. I think the authors main idea of The Emperors New Clothes was that although it may seem easy to teach children that color does not matter, even if they can not differentiate- they are not actually color blind. It seems like an easy solution, however, we cannot change the minds of others and how they treat other races
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Unformatted text preview: or religion. For example, on the train ride, the Caucasian women was screaming that she had not paid yet the conductor continued to question the three African American women. I really enjoyed chapter 25 and the ten ways that’s people can jump in right as is and deepen engagements. I think the main idea of the author was to show that little changes can go a long way and you can tell a lot about others or yourself right in your own home. I really enjoyed these readings and liked how they were different stories by different people. It allowed you to see life and learn about ones struggles or different experiences and how they can vary and impact others differently....
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