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EDSP377 1-18-11 - EDSP377 1/18 Tools to assess students...

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EDSP377 : 1/18 Tools to assess students: Criterion and Norm referenced assessment Standardized and non-standardized Informal and Formal assessment Ex. Woodcock Johnson Observation Parent Interviews/ Previous teacher information Portfolios Transition Assessment : ongoing process of collecting data on the individual’s needs, preferences, and interests as they relate to the demands of culture and future working, educational, living and personal and social environments. Model: (Triangle) Vocational Assessment Assessment of Academic & Assessment of Living skills Behavioral skills Assessment of Future Plans Assessment of Self-Determination & Advocacy Transition: -Ongoing -Future focused -Person- centered Traditional: -Annual -Focused on PLOP -Skill-centered - Occurs in multiple locations - Collaborative - Understandable data - Culturally sensitive APIE MODEL OF TRANSITION ASSESSMENT
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A ssess P lan I nstruct E valuate *khake.com LCCE : Life-centered career education
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