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Kaitlin McCannabstract2-9-11 - Kaitlin McCann Abstract #4...

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Kaitlin McCann Abstract #4 1/10/2011 This article focuses on the Start of Success program in which students are provided access to community- based transition from high school to work. They are placed in a supported environment in which support is given from parents, mentors, the school district, and a local university. The primary goal of the education of all students is a successful transition from school to work, which is explored in this article. All too often, students feel that they have not gained the needed skills throughout their schooling, only to be worried and fearful that they will not be ready for life after school. In a survey representing 997 adults with disabilities ranging from 18-29 years old, only 32% were employed full or part-time. It was found that although there were some small increases over the five-year study, only 37% of youth with disabilities were employed. Variables linked to positive outcomes of school to work programs, after speaking with over 1500 transition program directors included, using IEP’s, educating students along side their
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Kaitlin McCannabstract2-9-11 - Kaitlin McCann Abstract #4...

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