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Student’s Name Maria S Persons First Middle Initial Last ITP Conference Date Birth Date 1-9-94 School Lake Bridge High school Grade Level 11 Please include a brief narrative that provides a profile of the student Maria is a sophomore at a suburban high school in northern Ohio, where she lives with both of her parents and one older brother. She was born with a genetic disorder that has caused multiple disabilities. Some of these disabilities are loss of vision, and mild brain trauma. She reads at a sixth grade level and has difficulty with organization, stamina, and distractibility. When it comes to her school subjects the concept of math seems to challenger her more than others. Maria enjoys singing and drama and takes piano and voice lessons weekly. The transition from middle school into the high school setting has been difficult , but she has worked very hard and has made friends. Once Maria Graduates she hoped to become famous for her singing or poetry-writing talent. Participants in meeting: Name Position Maria Persons Student Parents Mrs. Vanderhoof Intervention specialist
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Mia Verns Speech Language Pathologist Dr. Rease Occupational therapist Liona Marks School Counselor John Johnson Case Manager Transition Area: (check one) _x__ Employment ___ Recreation/Leisure ___ Post-Secondary Education ___ Community Participation ___ Residential Future Adult Goals : (What student wants to do after high school) Maria wants to grow up to become a singer and writer Present Levels of Performance: She is currently taking piano and voice lessons every week. Transition Needs : (What student still needs to do and learn) She needs to continue in her voice lessons. She will need to obtain a job as close to her field as possible, maybe participate in a local glee club
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itap - Students Name Maria First S Middle Initial Persons...

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