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7/14: ABNORMAL PSYCH Antidepressants: -psychs have tried many different means: amphetamines for energy and annedonia -tried shocking the body bathtub filled with ice to cause people to lose consciousness, thus mood would improve. ---moved to insulin shock (lead to comas); depression temporarily --evolved to ECT (electro compulsive therapy) * still a preferred therapy; works well but last effort b/c patient is sedated first which is not humane - in terms of psychopharmacology, 1 st substance used is reserpine - initially used for HTN (low blood pressure ; caused profound depression b/c it lowers serotonin) - leads to maols (mao inhibitors); if we inhibit MAO, then increase in serotonin - also inhibits milk break down= toxic by product= death -Tricyclic Antidepressants: TCA’s side effects were not lethal @ correct dosage but fatal with overdose -Psyhopharmalogical options for depression - basic classes 1 st LINE AGENTS: - SSRI’s: specifically targets serotonin - Novel new agents: dupropion, venlafaxine, etc. ; same thing as SSRIs just as side effects - TCA’s 2 ND LINE AGENTS - MAOLs: monitors patients diet - ECT OTHER OPTIONS - mood stabalizers (lithium) - stimulants - light therapy - anti-anxiety (Xanax) __________________________________ ANTI ANXIETY AGENTS: -initially, sedatives and hypnotics were used- diminishes all body functions moved to specific pharm agents that dimished subjective anxiety - relax muscle tone - target or relaxation of muscle fibers -Anxiolytic Chocces -bENZODIAZEPINE AND AZAPIRONE
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- If OCD symptoms are better by 60%, considered “cured” - SSRIs are used QUESTION #3 COGNITIVE APPROACHES FROM MICHENBAUM AND ELLIS - cog approach sees mental disorders as how we interpret life events - -when events happen, hard to tell meaning right away- interpretation of event can vary - go back to ancient greeks - it isn’t the events of our lives that upset us, it’s the interpretation that upsets us- Euripides -ELLIS: we end up with bizarre interpretation; faulty thinking leads to faulty feeling
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