module3 - EDSP 477 Consultation and Collaboration in...

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EDSP 477 Consultation and Collaboration in Special Education Name:_____Kaitlin McCann___________ Assessment Please complete the items below. If you have difficulty, go back and review the Perspectives and Resources pages in this module. 1. Describe three benefits of the pre-referral process. -Provides a forum for teachers and other team members, including parents, to discuss how to meet students' needs and different accommodations that could help child learn and reach fullest potential academically and socially -Allows general education teachers to gather and come up with a variety of strategies to better serve diverse learners through the ideas and thought processes of others. -Improves communication between parents and the school by involving families in the process allowing them to be advocates for their child while still giving input and deciding what is best for their child. 2. List the six stages of the pre-referral process and briefly explain each of them. Stage 1: Initial concern regarding a student's progress- if a student is showing signs of regression or is struggling to the point where there is no way the teacher can assist he/she Stage 2: Information gathering- data collection and observation of students needs and detailed information of weaknesses Stage 3: Information sharing and team discussion- all parties in the team discuss students strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. Need the information for each person to learn
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module3 - EDSP 477 Consultation and Collaboration in...

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