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B Using Smart Tools to Write Good Code All software development methodologies, with no exception, do include at least one stage of testing of the code. This is because the code most programmers write, the authors of this book included, doesn't usually run perfectly from its first version. No matter what technology or platform you choose, you'll find many tools in the market that can help you test, debug, and test the performance of your application. In this appendix, we cover a few tools that can make your life easier when writing AJAX applications. Getting a Good Code Editor Having a good editor is the first step for increasing your coding efficiency. The list of code editors is endless, and each programmer seems to have his or her own preferences, so we can't make a definitive recommendation here. We suggest, however, that you take a look at the following: PSPad is a freeware editor that knows how to highlight the syntax for almost any existing file format. Additional plug-ins can add integrated CSS editing functionality and spell checking. This editor is available only for the Windows platform, and you can download it from http://www.pspad.com . SciTE is a free source-code editor based on the Scintilla source-code editing component ( http://www.scintilla.org ), and it is available for Intel Win32 and Linux-compatible operating systems with GTK+ . You can see screenshots and download it at http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/SciTE.html . PHP Designer 2006 is a freeware PHP IDE with integrated debugger. Find more details about it at http://www.mpsoftware.dk . There are many, many more editors around, both free and commercial, and Google may help you find some better than these listed here. Once you know exactly what you're looking for, the solution will be a few mouse clicks away.
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Using Smart Tools to Write Good Code Debugging Your Code While the most popular debugging method for JavaScript code is by displaying messages using alert , a number of better tools are available when more power is needed. The JavaScript Console available in many web browsers is perhaps the first tool you should get accustomed to. The JavaScript Console displays the errors and warnings found while running the JavaScript code in a web page. Access this feature in Firefox from the Tools | JavaScript Console menu, in Opera by opening Tools | Advanced | JavaScript console, and in Mozilla you need to click
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