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Unformatted text preview: Gaming 360 Gaming Character as Desire Image Voice Action Thought Presented by the author Conflict Stock or Flat characters Character as Desire Desire This is the story of This Lance Armstrong, who wants to win the bike race, but his opponents, race but the weather, the road conditions, and his own fears all stand in the way. way. Character as Image Image Let physical Let description of character help convey who that person is. person Let surroundings Let help convey who that person is. that Images provide Images clues and are more engaging than just telling us. telling Character as Voice Voice Dialogue Diction Syntax Rhythm of Speech Dialect? Direct, Indirect, and Direct, summarized dialogue summarized Lies... Character as Action Action Desire leads toward Desire ACTION, which leads toward potential CHANGE. potential What people do to What achieve their goals often reveal to us who they are... who Character as Thought Thought Memoir: only writer’s Memoir: mind (credibly) mind Drama (plays): thoughts Drama through dialogue, soliloquy, aside, voice over over Fiction: thoughts of Fiction: central character central Poetry: thoughts of Poetry: persona or character persona This lecture bites. When can I go to lunch? Are You Paying Attention? Attention? Character as Presented by the Author by Author TELLS us who Author character is (indirect method) instead of SHOWING us (direct method). method). Useful for economy of Useful style, minor characters, and to move quickly through time. through Character as Conflict Conflict Create conflict through Create methods of presentation. presentation. Image, voice, action, Image, thought. Example is to put one or more at odds with each other. with “Inherent Inherent Contradictions” Contradictions” Stock or Flat Characters Characters Stock: present a single Stock: idea or type; can be used for satirical purposes. for Flat: may exist only to Flat: fulfill a function. fulfill Stock/flat characters are Stock/flat often your “place holders” in the story (like extras or bit players in a film or TV show). film Continue Your Reading! Continue ...
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