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Unformatted text preview: Salen & Zimmerman Correlation Chart For those of you doing the readings with an electronic copy of the text, page numbers may be different. Please use the chart below to select the appropriate chapters and sections from the electronic version. Reading due dates for these page numbers are noted in the class syllabus. Pages Chapters and Section Headings 1‐38 About this book 2. the design process commissioned essay: LOTR 3. meaningful play 298‐311 22. defining play 39‐55 4. design 5. systems 57‐69 6. interactivity 71‐91 7. defining games 8. defining digital games 93‐115 9. the magic circle 10. the primary schemas commissioned game 1: sibling rivalry 286‐297 Commissioned game 2: ironclad 116‐139 11. defining rules 12. rules on three levels 151‐171 14. games as emergent systems 141‐149 13. the rules of digital games 248‐265 20. games as systems of conflict 267‐285 21. breaking the rules 329‐374 24. games as the play of pleasure 25. games as the play of meaning 377‐419 26. games as narrative play ...
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