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29, N+D=.015 mW S+N+D=15.7mW 10*log((S+N+D)/(N+D))=10*log(15.7/.015)=30.2dB 30. a specification used when the effects of noise and distortion on an amplifier or reciever are of interest 31. 5.52*10^-15 W 32. x/(5.52810^-15)=100/1 x=100*5.52810^-15 x=5.52810^-13 33. NR=20*I(dc)*R NR=20*(.3mA)*300 NR=1.8 NF=10*log(NR) NF=2.55dB T(eq)=T(0)*(NR-1)=290*(.8) T(eq)=232 34, measure the noise power output of the DUT when the dc current to the noise diode is zero, increase the dc current until the DUT noise power output is exactly double the original value, use the formula NR=20*I(dc)*R 35. device under test is the amplifier under test that is matched with the output impedance of the diode noise generator circuit. 36. noise signal is connected to both channels of a dual-trace scope with alternate
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Unformatted text preview: sweep capability, vertical position is adjusted until the dark band between them disappears, what is left represents twice the rms noise. 37. the study of information in communications systems 38. information that can be transmitted is proportional to to the product of the bandwidth times the time of transmission. The greater the bandwidth the more information can be transmitted. 39. sinusoidal waves whose frequencies are a multiple of the fundamental frequency 40. (360 kHz)*7= 2520 kHz 41. square wave becomes better defined as bandwidth increases, requires significant number of harmonics...
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