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Q.3 1.011 Project Evaluation • Quiz 3 Debriefing • Lexcie Lu • MIT Center for Transportation Studies Three Golden Rule of Examinations (1) RTQ = Read The Question. If the question asks for an essay “addressing ONE of the following topics” means you do not write three essays, but choose one of the three topics to address. (2) WSA = Write Something, Anything. If you don't know the answer, draw pacman figures. Maybe the grader will think that the pacman figures represent white cells chasing bacteria (in a biology exam) and give you partial credit. I gave partial credit to anyone who tried to divide anything by anything else that seemed remotely reasonable in Q.3, even if all that the person did was write one or two numbers somewheres on the page that looked remotely like an answer. (3) SAT = Stop And Think. Does it makes sense that in Q.1, the NPV method and the IRR method gives different answers? Does it make sense if the project with the highest IRR has a negative NPV? HELLO? Outline Solutions
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