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Unformatted text preview: Proposed Oil Pipeline Project Austin Zimmerman 1.011 Project Evaluation *Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: -19.8 million acre federal preserve in northeast Alaska -1002 Area is 1.5 million acres of this along the Coastal Plain -federally designated wildlife refuge so no drilling allowed without specific federal legislation-This has been brought before Congress several times. It was passed once by both houses and vetoed by Clinton in 1995, and it hasnt made it out of the Senate since.-For my project I have supposed that after the next round of elections the new Congress passes a bill allowing drilling in the refuge and it is signed into law. My exploration, drilling, and construction will begin April 1, 2005. *Proposal -100 mile pipeline from the oil fields in ANWR to the first pump station along the TAPS (trans-Alaska pipeline system) where the oil would flow into the trans-Alaska pipeline to Valdez -it is estimated that there are 6-16 billion barrels of oil in ANWR (there were about 10 billion barrels in Prudhoe Bay)...
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