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class03_2 - [peakflow = textread'peak*s*f*s%f*f*s*s-1 Plot...

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1.017/1.010 Class 2 Descriptive Statistics Characterizing data Histograms, percentiles, mean, median, variance, boxplots. etc. Internal MATLAB functions Inputs, outputs Exercise: Download and characterize peak flow data Download years 1901 - 1963 of annual peak flows for Miss. river @ St. Louis (USGS Gage 07010000) Data at http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis Use textread function (check syntex in on-line MATLAB documentation):
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Unformatted text preview: [peakflow] = textread ('peak.txt','%*s %*f . .. %*s %f %*f %*s %*s' , -1) Plot histogram, sample CDF, compute mean, median, variance Some relevant MATLAB functions: textread, hist, cdfplot, mean, mean, median, var, std, boxplot Copyright 2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Last modified Oct. 8, 2003 1...
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