fall2003quiz2 - 1.00 Introduction to Computers and...

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1.00 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving Quiz 2 - November 7, 2003 Name: Email Address: TA: Section: You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. For coding questions, you do not need to include comments, and you should assume that all necessary files have already been imported. Good luck! Question Points Question 1 / 20 Question 2 / 5 Question 3 / 40 Question 4 / 20 Question 5 / 15 Total / 100
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Answer the following questions about Java by circling TRUE or FALSE as appropriate. 1) The value of a reference to an array cannot be changed once the reference is assigned. TRUE FALSE 2) Suppose a function f(x) has a unique root x 1 . If we use the bisection method with an initial bracket that does not include x 1 , we will never converge to the root. TRUE FALSE 3) An abstract class can contain concrete methods. TRUE FALSE 4) A class inheriting from an abstract class A must override all the methods of A . TRUE FALSE 5) If a concrete class Carpet implements an interface IColor , then the statement IColor c = new Carpet(); is legal. TRUE FALSE 6) If a class inherits from another class, it can access all of the base class's data members and invoke all of the base class's methods. TRUE FALSE 7) An interface can have concrete methods. TRUE FALSE 8) A class can implement only one interface. TRUE FALSE 9) A concrete class that implements an interface doesn’t have to define all the methods in that interface, but just the ones the class needs. TRUE
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fall2003quiz2 - 1.00 Introduction to Computers and...

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