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Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving Spring 2005 Problem Set 1: Moving stereo systems in a plant Due: 12 noon, Session 5 1. Problem statement At a manufacturing facility, stereo systems are produced, put in boxes and placed on a conveyor belt. An individual stereo system is put in three boxes. Box 1 holds the tuner/amp and weighs, for example, (has a mass of) 10 kg. The second box holds the woofer and two other speakers, and weighs, for example, 5 kg. The third box holds the remaining small speakers and miscellaneous components, and weighs, for example, 2.5 kg. The three boxes are taped together: box 1 to box 2, and box 2 to box 3. At the end of one conveyor belt, the boxes go down a slide to the next conveyor belt, which takes the boxes to a shrink wrap machine on a lower floor of the factory building that will package them for shipment. 1 2 3 A c e l r a t i o n a θ Conveyor 1 Slide Angle Conveyor 2 The elevation difference between the two conveyor belts is 4 m. The coefficient of sliding friction on the slide varies with the mass of the box: m > 8 kg: 0.25 4 <= m <= 8kg: 0.30 m < 4kg : 0.35 1.00 Spring 2005 1/5 Problem Set 1
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2. Problem Objective Your program will find the length and angle of the slide so that the velocity of the boxes when they reach the bottom of the slide is less than the maximum speed (say 2 m/s) to avoid damage to the speaker components when they reach the bottom of the slide and decelerate rapidly. Ignore the length of the boxes when computing the length of the slide. Report the angle to the nearest 0.01 radian. Convert the result to degrees as well, to make it easier for you to check your answer. You will also need to find the tension on the tape between each pair of boxes (to make
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homework01 (1) - Introduction to Computers and Engineering...

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