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homework6and7 (1) - Introduction to Computers and...

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1.00 Spring 2005 1/4 Problem Set 6,7 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving Spring 2005 Problem Sets 6 and 7: User interface for catenary height Problem Set 6 Due: 12 Noon, Session 22 Problem Set 7 Due: 12 Noon, Session 25 Swing application You are to write a graphical user interface for the catenary calculations that you coded in problem set 2. You’ll do it in two stages, starting in homework 6 and finishing in 7. Overall Assignment Create a graphical user interface using Swing that resembles, but looks better than, the screen shot in Figure 1. Figure 1. User interface example
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1.00 Spring 2005 2/4 Problem Set 6,7 The user interface should prompt the user to enter the following data via text fields: Weight w Minimum y (yMin) Pole location xPole Pole height yPole The interface must also have a ‘calculate’ button to do the calculation of catenary height between the two poles and display the result, and a ‘quit’ button to exit the program. When the ‘calculate’ button is clicked, the interface must draw a picture showing: The x and y axes Two poles, labeled as poles with their locations +/-xPole and height yPole Cable tension The catenary between the two poles, drawn with enough points to look like a smooth curve to the user. You must determine the number of points. You are free to choose the colors, fonts, size, etc. Make them look good. Suggested Solution Method
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homework6and7 (1) - Introduction to Computers and...

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