hw1 - (i.e. principal strains and principal strain...

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1.033/1.57 H#1: Deformation Strain Due: September 17, 2003 MIT 1.033/1.57 Fall 2003 Instructor: Franz-Josef ULM DOUBLE SHEAR: We consider a double shear test on a material specimen as sketched in the Figure below. The displacement field is defined by: ξ = α 0 α ( X 2 e 1 + X 1 e 2 ); Determine 1. In Finite Deformation: (a) The deformation gradient; (b) The change in volume of the material specimen; (c) The change in surface area and orientation of any surface oriented by N =1 / 2( e 1 + e 2 ) . How does the result compare to the simple shear scenario (see lecture Notes #1.6) (d) The Green-Lagrange Strain Tensor, its Eigenvalues and Egenvectors
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Unformatted text preview: (i.e. principal strains and principal strain directions) (e) The linear dilatations and distortions. 2. In Innitesimal Deformation : (a) How does the assumption of innitesimal deformation read in double shear? (b) How do the elements determined in Part 1 change in the innitesimal deformation tehory? Due: September 17, 2003 page 2 X 2 1 2 1 1 X 1 double shear double shear Figure 1: 2...
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hw1 - (i.e. principal strains and principal strain...

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