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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ESD.04/1.041J Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems (FAMES) Spring 2006 In-class Midterm Exam Open Book and Open Notes Instructor: Prof. Joseph Sussman 100 points total This exam deals with the New York Times article dated March 20 th , 2006 entitled “Oil Spill Raises Concerns on Pipeline Maintenance.” The associated questions are designed to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of CLIOS Systems, and how one thinks about them. And as you already know, there is no one right answer. So read the article carefully and dive in! The CLIOS System we are concerned about deals with the transportation of oil in Alaska . The article gives you a lot of background, but you should feel free to draw upon your own broader understanding of the issues surrounding this CLIOS System. (You do know something about energy now!). Of course, as you know from class, your CLIOS System may have other “smaller” CLIOS Systems within it and may exist within the context of larger CLIOS Systems as well. You should feel free to explain both those
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