mini_quiz_2 - individuals after 3 time periods. Problem 2...

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1.010 – Mini-Quiz #2 (45 min – open books and notes) Problem 1 (40 Points) A community of bacteria initially includes 1000 individuals. Given favorable conditions (light, temperature, nutrients), the community doubles in size during a unit time period, for example one day. If conditions are unfavorable, the community downsizes by a factor of 2. Suppose that favorable conditions occur with probability 0.6, and unfavorable conditions with probability 0.4, and that favorable/unfavorable conditions are independent in different time periods (days). Find the probability mass function of the number of
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Unformatted text preview: individuals after 3 time periods. Problem 2 (20 Points) At a given site, flood-producing storms occur infrequently. Considering the three conditions under which a point process is Poisson, state reasons for or against modeling the storm arrival times as a Poisson point process. Problem 3 (40 Points) The lifetime T of electric bulbs (e.g. the number of hours in operation before they fail) has an exponential distribution with cumulative distribution function: t 1000 1 T e 1 ) t ( F = for , with t in hours. t Suppose you have used a bulb for 500 hours without failure. Find the probability that the bulb will last at least 500 more hours. Hint: Use P[A|B] = P[A B]/P[B], with appropriately defined events A and B....
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mini_quiz_2 - individuals after 3 time periods. Problem 2...

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